Thursday, 2 July 2015


Hi Friends, 
                 DAYS BEST-FREE STYLE(1-6) 
                 LOZEN(1-7) place

                       SECRET PRAYER(2-5) each way


                       ABLE MASTER(3-3) place

                       MYSTIC MUSIC(4-8) place

                       MERION(5-7) place

                       FASTER THAN LIGHT(6-2) each way

                       ZULFIQAR(7-5) each way

                       ATTRACTIVE BAY(8-2) each way

                                            BEST OF LUCK

                     BEWARE THE KING IS COMING

                        MAHARAJA FOR MAHARAJA'S CUP

                                            BE SAFE(6-1)

                        WINNING VERDICT 2.5 TO 3.5 LENGTHS


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  2. 1st july 2015 ,Today i had renamed the day lucky total according to numerology....1+7(july month number)+ 8(2+0+1+5)=1+7+8=16=1+6=7

    ...Little did my punter friends know what was in store for them .The bookies and trainers had already a killer plan...EAT EAT EAT the favourites. After benefitting the Bookies with NANUK and Imran Chisty driven invincible wish i was bleeding literally....I ate a Masala dosa for lunch and skipped the third race....I prayed to money purse was drying out trained in Mysore and Then I decided to put all in on GROUND MARSHALL win place....the showers did the trick...I was sure nitin Singh and mudassar nazar could pull off a forecaSt and quinella..we first betted on 11 place. As soon as the odds opened..but to recover my money I needed a a name changer from SKY TO GROUND Marshall was was really a blessing from the sky
    ..I then put all my money in on GROUND MARSHALL WIN ......AAR YA PAAR....RAJA ya FAKIR was the choice .....and kudos to the handicapping done by mushtaq bhai I not only won but won the hearts of my Delhi punter friends.....the way GROUND MARSHALL came flying in the last 100m and won by nose was any PUNTERS DREAM come true....everyone was looking at me when I started shouting....come on ground Marshall from the bend....they thought I had gone mad after losing my money....but after the win my friend NITIN hugged me...when I went to collect the winning amount from the counter the BOOKIE was impressed.... he said...."acha pakda sir"....I told my friend nitin."mere pune ke bhaisaab ne handicapping kiyaa....."...friend said kabhi milaana....I told NITIN VERMA....ab poOra amount patak do ...DISTANT PROMISE pe....nitin bola...Kya yeh bhi mushtaq bhai ne di hai...jockey srinath ko Kya .nitin harayega....???...soch lo.

    .I said all win 4 ke bhaav mera favourite color hai....nitin singh ne blue pehnaa hai..aur mushtaq bhai ka bhi yeh days best ghodamhai......the result was there to see...with a lot of confusion nitin verma betted heavy on DISTANT PROMISE place.....I again started shouting....come on BOBBY...come on BOBBY....public was staring at us....and we won hands on...then we completed a hatrick with srinaths outright win in the next it was a hatrick of wins thanks to mushtaq bhais handicapping...I have nicknamed mushtaq bhai ...GROUND MARSHALL from July 1 st.....

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