Saturday, 2 April 2016


Hi Friends,
                         Seems to be a favourite race day but it won't be as it is a SPECIAL RACE DAY today.But people who play place in the tote for ON money favourites can go and play my selections.I am giving these types of ON money selections only on request by these people who mail me every now and then

                         HIDDEN SOUL(1-1) each way

                         NIGHT OF STARS(2-1) each way

                         FURY(3-6) each way

                         SEVERUS(4-3) each way

                         COSTA DEL SOUL(5-1) each way

                         SERENITA(6-4) each way

                         HEART OF THE CITY(7-1) place as the draw and weight would 
                                                                                                   not permit this horse to win

                         TURF DANCER(8-2) each way

                         UPSET WIN & PLACE-IN THE LIMELIGHT(7-5)

                                               BEST OF LUCK


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  1. Sir, ur selections are mind blowing. Good JOB.