Friday, 25 March 2016


Hi Friends,
                        NOTE-In the last race there will be joint favs the one which is heavily backed EAT EAT EAT that horse.This news is directly from a very big club connection that in the last race fav is not winning

                        LUCK LUCK LUCKY(1-4) place

                        NATIVE SPEAKER(2-3) each way

                        SNOW WHITE(3-4) place

                        ORIENTAL ROCKY(4-4) each way

                        KANYA KALYAN(5-7) place

                        CLAIRVOYANCE(6-8) place

                        BENGAL TIGER(7-4) place

                        OATH OF ALLEGANCE(8-1) place

                        COCONUT(9-1) place


                        B FIFTY TWO(1-1) win

                        VULCAN(2-3) each way

                        VICTORIA(3-2) each way

                        SANAM(4-3) each way

                        CONGRESSIONAL(5-4) each way

                        DANCING PRINCE(6-1) each way

                        PARAMOUR(7-2) win

                        STREET JAMMER(8-2) win

                                                BEST OF LUCK




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