Saturday, 21 November 2015


Hi Friends,
                NOTE-Please play my regular selections if they are first three in the opening ODDS of the centre.For my UPSET selections punters who like longer odd bets can play according to their wish.This is because night and morning ODDS are not declared for some centres and punters who are playing heavy on all my selections mail me with complaints of the horse not being on board.So best is to play a safe game if punters and members want to make money in racing.

                1st-NO CHOICE

                CREATIVE(2-6) each way

                THE BLUE(3-2) 3 way

                SAVE THE NATION(4-3) each way

                TRUE PEARL(5-1) place

                 MAGICAL SPELL(6-1) place

                 TRICKY STAR(7-1) each way

                 VIJAY'S JOY(8-2) each way

                 KREETI(9-1) place

                 1st-NO CHOICE

                 DAY'S BEST 1-PRETTY HOT(2-4) 

                 3rd-NO CHOICE

                 4th- NO CHOICE

                 DAY'S BEST 2-COLOMBIANA(5-2)

                 SWEEPING STAR(6-1) place

                 EAT EAT EAT-SOLANGE(7-1)

                 MAJESTIC(7-8) each way

                 UPSET WIN & PLACE-SUMAAQ(4-2)

                                    BEST OF LUCK